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Friday, August 31, 2012

The EPIC Dark Tower Read-a-Long {Reading Schedule} The Gunslinger

This is going to be an easy, breezy read-a-long! I was just looking at the book and it's only a little over 200 pages.  Works out great for me since my September reading plate is SO full.  Okay, ladies and gentlemen, here is the reading and posting schedule:


  • Start reading on Saturdays, discussion posts will be posted on Fridays, with the exception of the last one, which will post on Sunday, September 30.
  • You can do a post and leave your link in the comments, or you can just post your thoughts in the comments of the week's discussion post.
Reading schedule:
I realize that you may be reading from a different edition than me so the page numbers may be off.  Just follow by chapter, if that's the case.
  • Week One (September 1 - 6)  The Gunslinger--page 11 -66 
  • Week Two (September 8 - 13)  The Waystation--page 71-113 
  • Week Three (September 15 - 20)  The Oracle and the Mountains--page 117 - 144
  • Week Four (September 22 - 29)  The Slow Mutants & The Gunslinger and the Dark Man--page 149 - 216
Posting Schedule:
  • September 7--The Gunslinger
  • September 14--The Waystation 
  • September 21--The Oracle and the Mountains
  • September 30--The Slow Mutants & The Gunslinger and the Dark Man
Be aware that if you have not read to the end of the scheduled reading sections each week, there will most probably be spoilers in the discussion posts.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or email me at 

***Note:  One of the participants had mentioned us reading The Eyes of the Dragon, which is a prelude to The Dark Tower series, and/or The Little Sisters of Eluria, which is The Dark Tower 0.5 along with this read-a-long.  Frankly, I don't really have the extra time to add them, but if you would like to, feel free.  I will link to your post(s) about them during the weekly postings.  Just let me know if you do.***

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The EPIC Dark Tower Read-a-Long: Sept 2012--July 2013

Welcome to the EPIC Dark Tower Read-a-Long.  Of course, we are huge Stephen King fans.  Otherwise, we wouldn't be hosting this challenge.  I have been wanting to get to this series for years and I thought, "What better way than a read-a-long?"  And us readers love to do things in a big way, especially those of us who love read-a-thons, challenges, read-a-longs and the like.  Below I will list the monthly break down.  The really long books will be two month read-a-longs.  The week before each month starts, I will post the reading/posting schedule for the particular book we're reading that month.  I am adding a linky to this post just so I can keep up with who is participating.  Don't worry...I'm not a big stickler on rules.  If you get behind, I'm not going to turn one of SK's monsters loose on you.  ;O)  I hope you will join us! Be sure to grab the button above and spread the word!

Note:  If you've already read some of the books, feel free to jump in with the ones you haven't read, and you are welcome to join in on any of the discussions.

September--The Gunslinger, Book 1
October--The Drawing of the Three, Book 2
November--The Waste Lands, Book 3
December/January--Wizard and Glass, Book 4
February--The Wind Through the Keyhole, Book 4.5
March/April--Wolves of the Calla, Book 5
May--Song of Susannah, Book 6
June/July--The Dark Tower, Book 7
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